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Automotive Washing & Detailing

Automotive Detailing

Let’s face it, your car, truck, or motorcycle is a crucial asset, whether it be a commute to work, taking it on a trip, or simply out for a drive on the weekend. It deserves to be treated right, maintained and cared for so it can last and look its best with each passing year! That’s why at Predator Auto we take car detailing to the next level, but we take your individual needs into account.

Whether it be as simple as an exterior wash, or as extravagant as a full detail including a certified Ceramic Coat, or perhaps badly stained seats and carpets especially from our nasty road salt- we’ll take care of it! You let us know what you want and we’ll together the automotive detail YOU WANT!

Depending on your vehicle’s condition and budget, we’ll setup a package that will not only impress you financially but more-so after seeing the results! Our seasoned detailers have years of experience, backed with certified NanoPro Ceramic Coat Certification. They are passionate about their work and strive to please our customers. If you haven’t already experienced a Predator detail, treat yourself and your vehicle to one now! And if you bring back your vehicle within 60-days of your last detail, you’ll be considered a VIP customer and get huge discounts on future details and maintenance cleans.

Don’t wait! Let us take care of your vehicle! We guarantee our work and your vehicle will thank you!
Inside and out Details start at only $75!

Call: (705) 592-2886

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